KIELIUS & Covid-19: our measures to protect you

Despite Covid-19, you can still count on our services to get you from Kiel to Hamburg Airport (via Neumünster) and back again. Please adhere to the by now familiar hygiene recommendations. This way, you will help the collective effort to protect everyone's health and wellbeing. Our help section contains the most important information about our Covid-19 response here at KIELIUS – it takes the form of questions and answers.

Hygiene measures on KIELIUS vehicles

Our buses feature air conditioning systems that maintain the necessary level of air circulation. In addition, the opening and closing of doors and windows promotes ventilation to prevent a build-up of aerosols. Our buses are cleaned frequently. We take special care to thoroughly clean surfaces which people touch, such as grab poles, handles and loops. Dispensers with hand sanitiser have been installed in each vehicle. Drivers have been given face masks for wearing whenever they need to assist passengers, i.e. when loading and unloading luggage. A specially installed screen serves as a protective barrier between staff and passengers during the ticket purchase process.

What can you do?

Face coverings: wearing a mask is obligatory on KIELIUS vehicles. Please wear your mask at the stop, when boarding and exiting, and during the entire journey.

Hygiene: wash and disinfect your hands whenever this is necessary and possible. Vehicles feature dispensers with hand sanitiser for our passengers' convenience.

Social distance: please maintain the necessary level of distance from other travellers when waiting at stops, when boarding and exiting the vehicle and while on board the bus (if possible).