Luggage & Lost property

Given the limited storage capacity of the buses, please take only one piece of luggage and one piece of hand luggage per person, wherever possible.

KIELIUS buses can transport what airlines call "outsize" or "oversized" luggage, i.e. large items such as bicycles, surfboards, prams and pushchairs and musical instruments.

You may incur an additional fee by taking such items. We are happy to take prams free of charge. Bulky items must be packed securely. This means that neither the items themselves nor any other items of luggage should be exposed to damage, for example, due to protruding bicycle pedals. Please use our contact form to register your bulky luggage at least three days before your departure.

We can take foldable prams on KIELIUS buses free of charge.

Things are always getting left behind on the bus. If you have forgotten something on a KIELIUS bus, please use our lost property form. We will use the information you provide to check whether the item has arrived at our lost property office. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Yes, we recommend labelling your luggage with a name tag. This serves to head off any possible confusion.