Conditions of carriage

Our conditions of carriage provide clarification for anyone with questions about travelling with KIELIUS. You can view and download our conditions of carriage here. Some topics are of particular interest to travellers, so we have created a quick reference guide for you:

Child seats

Though is not obligatory to use child seats for children when travelling on buses, we make sure that this option is available if you want it. We have Group 2/3 seats for children aged 4-12 and weighing 15-26 kg, as well as booster seats for older children. You can also secure your own infant carrier with a three-point seatbelt. If you need any assistance, simply ask our staff – they will only be too happy to help. If you know you will need to use one of our child seats, please notify us in advance at +49 (0) 431 66 62 22. You can transport prams/pushchairs free of charge in the luggage hold.

Bulky luggage

We transport bicycles (wrapped/boxed) and other items of bulky luggage such as surfboards for a fee of EUR 5. Please notify us at least 3 days in advance at +49 (0) 431 66 62 22 or via our contact form (opens in a new page).

Pets policy

If you want to bring an animal with you, you need to buy a child's ticket for it. We only carry dogs that are supervised by a suitable person. Dogs that pose a risk to fellow passengers must wear a muzzle. Dogs from fighting breeds may not travel on our services. Guide and therapy dogs (as indicated in the owner's disability ID) are always permitted on board our services. Other animals may only be transported in suitable carriers. Animals may not occupy seats.